Why You Should Use Aluminum Windows and Doors

Aluminum windows and doors have evidently increased in popularity in recent decades. And for a long time, there was a misconception that aluminum window and door frames just available in silver, plus hardwood sub-frames. See Custom Made Aluminium Windows

But times have evolved. Below are the biggest advantages that come with aluminum windows and doors these days:

Thermal Excellence

For high-performance aluminum windows and doors, meeting or even exceeding energy efficiency standards comes easy. They can enhance heat gain and heat loss by up to 60%, outdoing their more expensive uPVC and timber equivalents.

Less Carbon Footprint

In any an average home that uses gas for heating, the use of aluminum double-glazed windows and doors serves up CO2E equivalent savings of nearly thrice of what aluminum frame production demands right on the first year. Over the building's whole lifetime, energy savings are greater than the initial energy input by at least one hundred times. For electricity-heated homes and cooling homes in tropical climates, savings can be greater by above 300 times.

Durability and Easy of Maintenance

Because of aluminum's corrosion-resistant characteristics, it can survive the most extreme of weathers and environmental conditions. As opposed to many other materials, especially wood, it does not warp, crack, split or swell over, which helps ensure a longer lifespan. Aluminum can be used in its original condition, or it can be anodized or painted for decoration or protection.


Aluminum frames can be considerably cheaper than other framing alternatives, providing a solid yet cost-efficient window and door solution, while simultaneously attaining exceptional energy outcomes.


A variety of finishing options makes aluminum windows and doors easy to match with other decors. Powder coating gives aluminum frames a great-looking finish, and the moment they have been coated, there will be no need for repainting. There are lots of colors to select from, along with a whole variety of pearl and metallic finishes. More on Made to Measure Aluminium Doors

Anodising treatment can produce good corrosion resistance and great multiple color choices, and there's even aluminum in finishes that mimic the look of timber, made from long-wearing marine grade powder coatings.


Aluminum is one of the most recyclable metals out there, aside from being environmentally sustainable. Recycling of aluminum only uses five percent of the initial energy required in making it. This natural property separates it from other framing materials boosting its sustainability.

Quick Payback

Payback time on high-performance aluminum windows and doors are normally way quicker than for other alternatives that offer no more than marginally improved performance at a cost that is so much more. These options can take a really long time before a payback.

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